The New Neglect Therapy

  • Developed by experts, tested in clinical trials
  • Innovative therapy using augmented reality
  • Entertaining, active exploration therapy


Screenshot der Negami App


Adapted to the needs of the patient

  • Developed by an interdisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists, user experience designers and IT specialists
  • Very positive feedback from the first patients about this treatment method
  • Individual therapy for each patient

Negami integrates a new element into neglect therapy: the tablet. This is used by the patients for various exploration tasks. The novelty: The object to be actively searched for is a virtual origami bird placed in real space by the camera of a tablet. The first task involves following this virtual origami bird by moving the tablet through the real space. The second task involves finding the virtual origami bird that has been placed and hidden in the real space.

Check out our instructional video on how to properly use Negami to get familiar with the app.

Screenshot der Negami App


Why Negami?

  • Treatment success through active exploration in combination with trunk rotation
  • Preliminary results of first clinical studies confirm effectiveness
  • User-friendly design and conception of the tasks
  • Positive reinforcement of patients through auditory and visual feedback
  • Motivation through playful therapy
  • Easy adjustment of difficulty levels to individual patient needs
  • Clear tracking of patient progress


Get your beta version

Currently, the clinical trial is in its final stages. It is already clear that the therapy with Negami has a very positive effect and also strongly motivates the patients.

At the beginning of 2023, a limited beta version will be launched, which will be made available free of charge to 100 interested parties in a test phase.

This beta phase is carried out for the purpose of a clinical evaluation according to Art. 5 (3) MDR and Art. 10 (3) MDR and therefore does not constitute a placing on the market according to Art. 2 No. 28 MDR. The Negami App is therefore not subject to the requirements of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). Also note that only certain iPad device classes are supported.

Within the next year, the official version will then be released.

Screenshot der negami-App


What our users say

Marcell Garner


“I always really looked forward to training with Negami!”

Michael Lux

Psychologist Rehabilitation Center Quellenhof Bad Wildbad

“Negami is fun and effective – a great addition to therapy options for neglect!”

Inge Ahsfeld


“I feel like I learned a lot training with Negami!”


Who is behind Negami

Britta Stammler

Britta Stammler

Project Lead

University Hospital Tübingen


Prof. Dr. Dr. Karnath

Project Lead

University Hospital Tübingen

Kathrin Flammer

Concept & UX-Design


Prof. Dr. Schuster

Software Development


Marian Lambert

Software Development


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