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Easily treat neglect at home

New Negami wins the Research Prize of the German Brain Foundation

Developed by experts and clinically tested

Innovative and effective therapy

Motivating, simple and cost-effective

About the app

What is Negami?

Negami revolutionizes neglect therapy with augmented reality

Patients use the tablet to explore the room, search for and follow a virtual origami bird, and thus playfully improve their neglect symptomatology.

This innovative and motivating method has no side effects, is easy and inexpensive to use, and has been shown to outperform conventional therapeutic approaches.

Negami is currently in a limited beta phase and is being distributed free of charge to interested parties. An official version will then be released in the course of next year.

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Why Negami?

Innovative and effective neglect treatment

Negami can significantly improve spatial neglect after stroke by combining active exploration and trunk rotation after only one week of training.

Clinically tested and scientifically based

The superiority of Negami over standard neglect therapy has been clearly demonstrated in clinical trials (randomized controlled).

Tracking and individual adaptation of therapy

Negami enables continuous tracking of therapy progress and easy adaptation of treatment to individual patient needs.

Motivation increase through gamification

Negami uses game-based approaches to increase patient motivation. This is not only more fun, but can also lead to better treatment outcomes.

Simple handling and low cost

Negami can be used on a conventional tablet and does not require expensive hardware. This makes it easily accessible and inexpensive.

Use in the home environment

The Negami app can continue to be used at home even after an inpatient stay. This enables continuous treatment and consolidation of positive results.


What do our users say?

“I always looked forward to training with Negami!”

Marcell Garner
Marcell Garner

“Negami is fun and effective - a great addition to therapy options for neglect!”

Michael Lux
Michael Lux
Psychologist Rehabilitation Center Quellenhof Bad Wildbad

“I feel like I learned a lot training with Negami!”

Inge Ahsfeld
Inge Ahsfeld


Who is behind Negami?

Dr. Britta Stammler

Project Lead

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen

Prof. Dr. Dr. Karnath

Project Lead

Universitätsklinikum Tübingen

Kathrin Flammer

Concept & UX Design

UXplain GbR

Prof. Dr. Schuster

Software Development


Marian Lambert

Software Development


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